Har Belex release debut album “Chandelle”

Caustic Records presents “Chandelle “, the debut album of Har Belex. In this work Manix S. and Salva Maine offer us acoustic guitars with a pure dark folk style, classical guitars with a decadent and Mediterranean aura, vocal melodies emanating beauty and longing, brought together with excellent strings, percussions and…

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Spiritual occult act My Own Sorrow release debut album

Crawling Chaos is the debut album of the spiritual occult and cinematic dark electro/dark wave act My Own Sorrow released 19th of November. The album features 10 tracks and entails the theme of dangerous entities, and several songs features the demonic and haunting vocals of Patrik Sorrow. The music switches…

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Golden Apes release new EP “The Langsyne Litanies”

After “Riot”, the latest official output by the German goth rock band GOLDEN APES from 2012, the band will finally release “The Langsyne Litanies” on October the 31st , for clearing the way for things to come. Inspired by their acoustic tour earlier that year the band chose 5 personal…

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Clock DVA and Phase Fatale Live at White Circles anniversary

WHITE CIRCLES and aufnahme + wiedergabe proudly present WHITE CIRCLES 1st ANNIVERSARY >> Live on Stage << CLOCK DVA (Industrial x Post Punk x Experimental | UK) www.facebook.com/pages/Clock-DVA/57909220995?ref=br_tf www.anteriorresearch.com/ Formed in the 80s in the Sheffield’s industrial scene, heirs of Kraftwerk and forerunners of cyber-punk aesthetic, the Clock DVA are…

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Stoneman present video for “Liebe Liebe”

Swiss rocker STONEMAN present their video for brand new single “Liebe Liebe” on youtube. We already got a heavy dose of goosebumps this spring with „GOLDMARIE“ – the hit album from the Swiss dark rock band STONEMAN. And now it’s time for a real blast. Get ready for the next…

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The Dark Circus goes on Tour!

THE CIRCUS IS BACK IN TOWN! If you love mellow pop sounds, you are definitely in the wrong place. The festival THE DARK CIRCUS is made for passionate fans of goth and metal music. Real dark bands are on stage with their black synth sounds, brutish guitars and danceable phat…

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Stoneman release new single “Liebe Liebe”

We already got a heavy dose of goosebumps this spring with „GOLDMARIE“ – the hit album from the Swiss dark rock band STONEMAN. And now it’s time for a real blast. Get ready for the next alternative chart hit on October 10, 2014: the new single „LIEBE LIEBE“. The two…

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K-Bereit release 7″ vinyl “A Forest” on October 10th

K-BEREIT from Reims, France, are no newcomers to the music world, especially not to the world of Industrial and Electronic Body Music. KRIEGBEREIT, first Dom’s band, is a fine example of what the late 80’s EBM scene was producing.  In 1996, Jean-Luc De Meyer from FRONT 242 and Dominique Lallement…

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EBM Band NZ will release new EP “Aggressions”

“AGGRESSIONS” is NZ’s second release, which continues the success of their debut EP “RAW AND PURE” regarding quality and production, with the band showing some new tendencies in music and style. “AGGRESSIONS” is following its literal meaning, it equals a punch in your face. Provocation is imminent. Seething with anger,…

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Harmjoy release debut album “Silver Lining of the Mushroom Cloud”

With their debut album, “Silver Lining of the Mushroom Cloud,” the German-American electro-synth duo HARMJOY embraces the beats of bleeding edge technology and echoes the Cold War aesthetics of 1950s household fetish. Blending the classic and the edgy, the familiar and the fantastical–using both lyrics and music–HARM JOY evokes the…

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